Steel Frame Structures – Building Construction Process

Lutuo is always open to collaborations, to make the steel building construction process more easily and smoothly. We convert ideas into digital building structure drawings, then have the budget engineers to count and check the project’s material list, and make an accurate quotation sheet according to the latest market price of materials and components. After accomplishing the list, we use professional 3D software for structural details to achieve optimal development. All steel structures plans, from papers to digitals will put into work, charts, and more details to monitor the checklist.

After years of practicing and improvement of every necessary building details, Lutuo has now formed a stable one-stop service system and a professional service team. Service steps are as follows:

We has a long history of oversea project experience, No Surprises, we know your need and we can help make your project that exceed expectation.


We value your opinion and propose a bilateral stream of collaboration that ensures your needs are transferred to our drawings, then we start designing of building structures by calculating steel volumes and optimizing connections between each parts.


When finishing the structural design, the budget engineers will count and check the project's material list, and make a accurate quotation sheet according to the latest market price of materials.


We use professional 3D software to simulate every in-house detailing and lots of design techniques are used to achieve optimal development, also it is necessary to smooth the process during the period of on-site construction.


At this step, most advanced machine is adopted to ensure optimal fabrication deals,and what’s more,our lots of work guarantee each one of buildings is finished on time.


If there is big construction project,we will send team that consist of project managers,professionals and builders offering construction services.