• 1. Do you offer warranties on your products?

    Yes, we offer 5 years warranties on building materials.

  • 2. Can you provide "Turn Key Services"?

    Yes, with the philosophy "Do more with your mind, Do less with your hand" to your building project, our goal is to let you get it done with an ease.

  • 3. What kinds of buildings can you provide?

    Due to the significant time and cost savings, our steel buildings can be used for almost any applications, Construction offices, residential buildings, educational facilities, medical facilities, industrial uses, workshop and warehouses, tourism hotel, mining camp, oil and gas field camp, government buildings, and general commercial offices, etc.

  • 4. Why is Lutuo building an cost effective solution?

    Lutuo buildings are constructed in a controlled factory environment and shipped to the prepared building site for installation.They are installed on site for temporary/relocatable or permanent applications. There are 3 main benefits: 1, your building will be built with uniform quality; 2, construction time is reduced which are then reflected in the cost. 3, upfront planning by Lutuo make every building process easily.

  • 5. What is quality of materials used to Lutuo buildings?

    1, The products are manufactured strictly according to our agreement or contract. 2, The products are manufactured under the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification. 3, With years of industry experience, we've developed our own procurement system to ensure both quality and best price for our clients.

  • 6. What prevents my building from collapsing under snow or due to high winds?

    Solution to the strong wind region: add and strengthen internal structural parts by structure designer.
    Solution to severe cold region: increase the thickness of the wall or use core material with more thermal insulated performance, at the same time, anti-pressure structure is provided by structure designer.
    Solution to high corrosion region: use more corrosion-resistant material, or strengthen coat protection of material surface.

  • 7. Will my building rust especially in coastal area?

    We take several options to avoid rusting: 1, special anti-corrosive coating. 2, anti-corrosive painting of the surface. 3, zinc aluminized material.

  • 8. What colors are Lutuo buildings available?

    Our online system provides a limited amount of colors for selection. The color options detailed online cover 95% of the demand we experience. However, if you require a specific color, it can quite often be sourced. Please note that provision of colors not included in our standard online palette will, in most cases, result in an increase in cost and lead times.

  • 9. How can I be ensure the products are manufactured and delivered on time?

    Yes, but the completion time is according to different orders. Big order should communicate with order management section. Below the monthly capacity, 40 days after deposit. 30 days for container house.

  • 10. Do you have a limited building area and building stories?

    Any requirement from clients can be meet when it comes to the size of steel structure buildings and container house. The largest span of light gauge steel building is 6 meters without center support, the span can be expanded by increasing the main grider. As to the building stories, 3 stories is our recommend and common option that we provide.

  • 11. Can you help purchase furniture, home appliance and other related products?

    Yes, we are a one-stop company that offers the complete range of related supporting facilities, after years of various project and industry experiences, we know how to balance customers' needs for quality, price and purchase time.

  • 12. Can I work with you in designing a custom layout?

    Of course! We have an in-house staff of product designers and Auto CAD drafters that are available at [email protected] and will walk you through designing exactly what you need. Contact us now to start designing your own layout today.

  • 13. Can you make a quotation according to the drawing?

    Yes, but only after verifying the content by technicians can we quote you a estimated price.

  • 14. Do you have inventory products, if have, can I get them at a lower price?

    No inventory in normal condition because of on-demand production, but there are overstock goods in some situations, of course the price is much lower, you can continually check our official website, social media or contact us directly to get latest sales promotion.

  • 15. Do you build worldwide?

    Yes, we aim to create fast, fresh, pleasurable experience for you with great features of prefabricated buildings from China. We are moving forward with a combination of internationalization and localization, establishing a long list of satisfied customers from all over the world.

  • 16. How do I get the building off the truck?

    You have to access to a forklift or front-end loader, either make it very easy to unload your building.

  • 17. Are there construction crews available if needed, what's the charge?

    We will send construction team consisted of engineers and well educated workers when it is necessary especially for large projects. You should pay for $150 per day and other costs including travelling, living, translation, in addition, you are responsible for health and security of the whole crew.

  • 18. What's your payment term to the buyer?

    There are 2 options:
    1, 40% T/T deposit, 60% T/T balance after shipping.

  • 19. How many support items of post-sale services can you provide?

    We can offer 4 support items: 1, on-site installation guidance; 2, on-line video/audio support (free); 3, continuous material supplies; 4, technical consultation (free)