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It is important to be guided by the professionals. Portable homes contribute to building easiness, as much as it is equipped with quality, efficiency, value sustainability and the results lead to cost savings. We are at your service at all times when you're looking for cheap portable homes, affordable prefabricated homes, portable small home, large sheds to live in, portable buildings as a house, portable cabins or cottages, mobile homes, small house on wheels, affordable modern prefab house. We are open to ideas about building your desired type of prefab homes.

economic modular house

Modular Homes from China Suppliers

Whether building a big or small modular houses, it is important to sustain its economical characteristics and the quality. We provide luxury but much inexpensive modular homes among modular homes China manufacturers. You have new housing options that focus on quality, efficiency, and value sustainability and results in long-term cost savings. Any of your ideas More

flat top prefab house

2 floor top grade flat top prefab house

It is also known as T system modular house. It is a updated version of K modular house.  Its main advantage: simple structure, easy installation, beautiful appearance, low cost price. It is widely used as temporary living house, office, school building etc. More

sloping top prefab house

Sloping Prefab Buildings for Sale – China

A good China sloping prefab house means flexible design and affordable price, feel free to get floor plans and prices from us. K-type prefabricated building with its simple structures can drive to economic advantage.  Sloping top prefabricated buildings by Lutuo are the very economical solution about China prefab building, the layout and its dimension can More