Container House China: Modular Container Homes Manufacturers

The use of container house has grown in popularity over the past several years due to their inherent strength, wide availability, and the cost to build is relatively low. The modular container house is ready to transport with uniform size, we can design home floor plans for you. It is in many ways an ideal building form because they are durable, stackable, movable, plentiful, environmental friendly and relatively cheap. You may want to see the gallery section for more data, click to know more.

Basic Types

20ft container house

It is modular production, ready to transport, uniform size, the use of multiple sets can be used in combination assembly, expanded interior space.

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20ft container house
20ft container house

Our 20ft container house is the most popular choice to construcion solutions. you can choose it as the basic type which is a simple and effective housing construction, you can fullfull any functional space as you wish,  tell us your needs, house plans and creative ideas, let Lutuo do the rest of the things.More

16 foot container house

Our 16 foot container house is the basic type between the 10ft and 20ft types, it can be combined with different sizes to build complex prefabricated buildings, if you wish to fullfill your desired functional space, tell us your needs, house plans or creative ideas, let Lutuo do the rest of the things.More

10 foot container house

10ft container house is the basic type which can be combined with others to build complex one, and it can be used as any functional space as you wish. The market is buying this 10 foot container dimensions to have a more flexible designed unit installed for different purpose. The exciting part is maximizing the More

Office Building

modular container office building

Neat inside and efficient, low cost customized designs make it perfect for modular/prefab site offices.

modular container office building
2-floor portable office modular building

A great portable office building for smaller projects. This versatile modular building gives you offices, washrooms,  kitchen, storage space in one package. You can save your fund because the containers take less time to build than a regular house, buyers are able to save money on construction.More

2-floor 10*20ft office building

The containers are stacked up for medium scale office use. The large size allow you to give it a versatile function space and we help implement any of your building ideas.More

Living Room

modular container homes with living room

Consisting of light steel frame and thermal insulation material, it is a new type of energy conservation and environment protection house which is easy and convenient to install.

modular container homes with living room
Multi-floor container house dormitory

If you were thinking about constructing a building of 3 floors especially for a camp site, multi-floor container house is a good choice. You can manage to install every unit above another one. And for the design, our designer is here ready to help with your multi-floor building. Each room of a container home comes More

20ft living containers with toilet&shower

We design things to maximize every space and its functions, moreover to promote easy construction too. That’s our goal in producing ideas and communicating to the market, so you have better ways in making your container living more comfortable and economical. Our two-room designed in the small area give the privacy and space-efficient, it is More

Wash Room

container house wash room

The wash-room category is consisted of 3 room types: toilet room, shower room, and the combined room of the two, also be produced according to your requirement.

container house wash room
20 foot container house for toilet

The toilet room is an necessary choice whether in the big residence community or for temparory use. Also the 20ft container house for toilet is an imperative component for projects especially in real estate construction, and infrastructure projects, equally importantly, you can save money for its movable for reuse. We can also customize your needs More

20 foot container house for shower room

The bath room is an essential component for big or small project especilly in remote area. . We have made 20ft container house for shower room. It is prefabricated and with it, we manage various options for sale to meet the need of customization. We are open to collaboration with the market. Just let us More