The Introduction for container house

The container house adopt the steel structure frame design, with prefect stability, the wind resistance capacity can be more than 210km / h, and the Seismic resistance capacity can be more  than 8 Grade. This container house is consist of chassis, housetop, and wall system

The wall system is made of sandwich panel, the core material for this is kind of sandwich panel have EPS/Mineral wool/PU, etc., the thickness is from 50mm to 100mm., the steel sheet is made from colored steel ( the Pattern can be optional).The roof and floor are prefabricated at our factory, is made the installment easier. The roof is adopt the overall design, it has enhanced the air tightness, and water-resistance.

This kind of container house is made according to the size of shipping container (6058*2438*2591, it can be composed of 1-3 floors of multi-housing in the horizontal and vertical space.. The Stairs, doors, windows, partition position and dimensions can be diversification, meeting the more requirements of customer, and the interior decoration can be produced according to customer demands. This product can be packaged collapsible, and one 40FT HQ containers can be loaded 7 sets at one-time

Product’s characteristic: Beautiful appearance, with good thermal insulation, wind resistance and seismic resistance, convenience for disassembly transportation, repeated use, and so on.

Item Sort Name Specification and parameter
1Product modelstandard intensitystandard product, the dimension can be designed by the customers’ requirement
2removable performancethe house are divided into components in transportation and built into a whole hoisted house
3SpecificationLength6058mm and 12058mm
5height2591mm or Customized-made
6clear height indoor2400mm or Customized-made
7Ground beam3mm galvanized
8Roof beam3mm galvanized
9central column3mm galvanized
10column on the corner3mm galvanized
11wall panel75mm thickness EPS,Rockwool,PU sandwich panel
12roof panel75mm thickness integrated PU sandwich board
13secondary beamZ-shaped galvanized steel iron
14roof insulation75mm polyurethane
15Floor panel20mm cement-fiber +2mm PVC
16doorSteel Security door,860mmx2050mm
17windowPVC Sliding window with Rolling shutter,1100mmx800mm
18electronics, water supply and drainage the plan, design and construction can be provided according to the related law of the country
19furniture and applianceCustomized-made
20Designing parameterroof load0.5KN/sqm(If the criteria were exceeded, it can also load by reinforcing the structure)
21wind pressure load parameterdesigning wind speed 210km/h (Chinese standard)
22seismic fortification intensitymagnitudes 8
23suitable temperaturesuitable temperature scope.-50°C~+50°C
24Construction construction toolsconvenient construction ,the tools are spanner, bolt driver and so on
25construction efficiency4 experienced technicians can build 6-8 prefab houses with dimension of 20 feet
26Transportation container trunkcontainer with 12 meters can load 8 houses with the dimension of 20 feet,4 houses with the