Steel Structure Workshop – Iraq

As to the advantage of this steel structure building, David Zhou, a professional who charges of structural design, says:”We ensure that our systems are designed to provide optimum levels of structural performance in space ultilization, steel quantity, and stability, we always want to provide customer with a cost-effective solution”

The main structure is H steel, Q345 fixed section column, Q345 flexible section beam, and is single span, double roof ridge . Wall cladding is small corrugated steel sheet,added with parapet wall.

In the construction phase, Lutuo meet local water and electricity installation and construction standards, tho whole operation is done in 2 months by teams consist of 1 project installation manager from Lutuo and 10 local workers. Lutuo also improve the installation efficiency and accuracy by using high strength bolt connection between parts and pieces which allows for being quick in action for local workers.

Project name

Iraq Steel Structure Workshop




Steel structure series

Building size

1080 square meters

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