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When you are deciding to buy a cheap steel buildings, choosing a professional company is very important. Before the decision, make sure that you know that we always handle the building of your steel building in professional manner while keeping you, the customer in mind. We hope to be your first pick for all your building needs in the future. How we install them? pls check the below pictures

How we build it

We are ready to help you with whatever type of structure you will be building based on your needs and the structure primary function. Our qualified contractors have the industry knowledge to help you with whatever frame work you want to use, and we can recommend siding and roof options to help the process go smoothly. Many people are looking for simple storage while others want to create an office that welcomes a client. We will spend time with you getting to know and understand your needs to get a better idea of what you want out of the finished project.

What else building can we build? Agricultural steel building, farm equipment storage, metal farm buildings, aviation steel buildings, commercial steel buildings, equestrian steel buildings, government steel buildings, industrial steel buildings, warehouse and workshop buildings and so on. So just say out which you want.



The frame of the cheap steel buildings is composed by H beam or galvanized square tube, which is depending on the size of your project; C section steel is the purlin. The wall and the roof are made of sandwich panels, and the door and the window can be customized according to your requirement. With more than 10 years’experiences to export to more than 30 countries, we just know what our customers really need.

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1. Our steel structures are easy to build?-With only some nuts and bolts, our metal building kits are ideal for do-it-yourselfers. Even customers with no prior construction experience in just a few days with the help of family and friends.
2. Steel buildings hold your most valuable possessions?– Steel buildings are typically used to store goods, cars, warehouse, and workshop — so why choose a flimsy building that could easily collapse under the weight of snow or burn in a fire? The design of a steel structure makes it stronger than a traditional building, and it’s made from top quality commercial grade materials like steel that’s always 22 gauge or thicker.
3. Custom engineering?-?We will custom engineer your building to meet the wind, snow and seismic loads for your location. We’ll make sure your building is strong enough to withstand your local climate so that your valuable possessions will stay safe and secure.
4. Sustainability?–We are pride that more than 80% material of the cheap steel buildings is recycled materials. In addition, all buildings come standard with a dry, clear, organic coating that provides a maintenance-free finish that will keep your prefab building in top condition for years to come.



Each package is about 2.3m width, 2.4m height. And each has four wheels, when the wheel is connected to the track, the package is easy to load and unload, never damage the goods

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Steel structure series

Number of units

1 set

Building size

5600 sqm

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