industry steel workshop

Steel structure workshop – China

The steel structure industrial workshop project is typical workshop engineering by the Lutuobuildings Company design, production, installation, located in Hangzhou city, China.

1. 100m*80m (L*W), h1 = 9m, h2 = 15m

2. Main Steel Framework: Q345B H section Steel Column and Beam

3. Secondary Framework: C Purlin, Tie bar, Roof and Wall Support, Bracing bar and Sleeve pipe

4. Roof and Wall Materials: 0.4mm color-coated corrugated steel sheet, white

5. Trim and Flashing: 0.5mm color-coated corrugated steel sheet, blue

6. Skylight sheet on the roof to let sunshine in the workshop

7. Window: PVC Sliding Windows

8. Door: Steel rolling door

Project name

Cement plant workshop project




Steel structure building

Building size

8000 sqm

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