Steel Logistics Warehouse – Virgin Islands

Lutuo, supported the construction of a distributing center in Virgin Island through supplying its 4s service: consulting &design service, shipment service, erection guide service, and after-sales support.

We took space usage into fully consideration that the functional area like office and parking lot are allocated besides the main storage area. Specifically, parking lot is of high strength of 500kg/sq.m floor load capacity to meet daily requirement, by building on a combination of 1mm galvanized pressed steel plate + 3 inch concrete floor.

As to the advantage of this steel structure building, We ensure that our systems are designed to provide optimum levels of structural performance in space ultilization, steel quantity, and stability, we always want to provide customer with a cost-effective solution.

Project name

Warehouse for Logistics center




steel structure series

Building size

10,000 square meters

Contact Sales

Kenny Xie: [email protected]