Container House for General Hospital – Angola

The hospital project is consisted of 14 container houses in which it forms dormitories of workers, patient room, inpatient department, emergency room, we offer innovative and economical solutions to fully functional general hospital in Africa.
1. Size: 20ft standand container house
2. Roof & Wall Materials: EPS Sanwich Panel
3. Interior Equipment:  Entrance Door, PVC Sliding Window, Wire, Plumbing, Lights, Sockets, Switches, Sanitary, air conditioner, cabinets.
For your customization:
It can stack to 1-3 floors of multi-housing in the horizontal and vertical space.
The stairs, doors, windows, partition position and dimensions can be varied according to customer’s requirements.
The interior decoration can be tailored to customer’s needs by our design team and procurement system.

Project name

General hospital project




Container house

Number of units


Building size

170 sqm

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