Customized Mobile House – Cyprus


The frame of prefab steel frame house includes roof frame,column which are all galvanized steel anti-corrosion and rust proof. Surely it is strong and stable, can resist big wind, hurricane, heavy snow, storm.

The roof and wall panels can be chosen foam composite panels,rock wool composite panels or glass fiber composite panels. These panels can be heat insulation,fire retardant,anti-rust,corrosion resistance,not falling paint.

Prefab steel frame house has various of style. We can not only follow your idea to design and produce, but also provide you with our unique style house building.

About interior design,we provide you with free customized design interior pattern. You can use sandwich panels to cut into different areas. On the internal configuration,we can provide with you.



1. Resist wind and rain, earthquake
Different environments have different requirements for the house. We design the house according to the local environment and application.

2. Good sealing, anti-rust
Accessories can effectively protect the sealing performance of the house. No leaking. Galvanized material can protect from rust.

3. Heat insulation, Thermal insulation
Use of environment-friendly materials, different materials and different thickness can bring you satisfactory results.

4. Quick construction
Four people can install 50 square meters of house within 8 hours. Of course,the time need to according to installation familiarity the ability of workers.

5. Personalized
Our experienced designers will design house style and various decoration styles for your choice.

6. Large packing
The number of shipping containers is according to the size of houses. Generally speaking,about 100 square meters for two rooms one hall need a 40HQ.

7. Large construction area
The prefab steel frame house can be built ranging from 15 to 160 square meters even larger,with over capacity,light weight.

Project name

Customized Mobile House - Cyprus




Easy home

Number of units

3 sets

Building size

100 sqm

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