Remote Modular Housing Solutions for Office Site and Mining Camps

We build remote modular solutions of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a 10-person or a 1,000-person complex, it can be tailored for any industrial needs. Our team of dedicated engineers work with clients to read challenges and find the right solution to address them. Remote workforce housing for Mining camps Modular site office Security More

Portable Emergency Shelter: Modular Temporary Housing Supplier China

Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.  We are able to provide affordable, durable and quick solutions for a wide range of modular temporary housing development projects. LutuoBuildings solve the portable emergency shelter needs of communities as quickly as possible through prefabricated home projects. We are an answer to the places which has More

Institutional building construction

In addition to civil buildings, we also specialize in institutional building construction, you have large scale design options from us for public services like Schools, Hospitals, and other multipurpose buildings initiated by Government. Schools Medical clinic Community health station Military Facilities Municipal Management FacilitiesMore

Light gauge steel structure for tourism estate buildings

Built based on the mutual trust and understanding, the possibilities are endless. All the components and parts are prefabricated in the factory, then assembled on site, customers can choose materials fits their needs, light gauge steel structure building system is an innovative alternative for it is more comfortable compared with traditional concrete building to satisfy More

Steel Workshop Buildings – Prefabricated Steel Warehouse & Garage Kits

We offer steel building workshop and warehouse designs. Construction types are flexible to office warehouse, small warehouse, storage shed workshop and temporary industrial storage buildings. Our purpose of constructing is to convert competitive options into a more beneficial aspect of needs. We improve the installation efficiency and accuracy by using high strength bolt connection between More